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School Site Council


We typically meet four times a year. Meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Minutes

Site Council Members

Parent Members Staff Members

Lauren Crowe (2021-2023)

Korrin Kemp

Dave Kootman (2021-2023)

Caitlin Knight

Kirstie Brooks (2022-2024)

Debbie Smith

Toyna Chin (2022-2024)

Sue Varchetto

Ben Le (2022-2024)

Ashley Rossiter

We are always looking for parents to join our School Site Council as the terms run out for our current members.  If you are interested, please contact Ms. Rossiter.

The Role of the School Site Council

The school site council is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees, and students (at the high school level) that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. The members of the site council are generally elected by their peers. For example, parents elect the parent representatives and teachers elect teachers.  Site councils make decisions and advise the principal on the academic or school improvement plan. After looking at the big picture of the school’s progress, the council and the principal create a plan for improvement. 

School site council members don't just represent their own interests. They have an obligation to make decisions that will best serve the whole school community. In fact, many site councils are specifically charged with finding ways to close gaps in achievement between groups of students.

The SSC is not an advisory body whose advice may be accepted or rejected.

The actions of the SSC constitute the first step in a formal process for developing improvement strategies and for allocating resources to support these efforts.

Develop/revise a comprehensive Single Plan for Student Achievement (Ed Code 64001).  

Ensure that the school is continually engaged in the continuous improvement process by identifying and implementing curriculum and instructional practice

Develop a budget align categorical funds realign decision from the SSC.

How to get Involved

If you are interested in school policy or academic programs, you might enjoy serving on our school’s site council. To find out more about what your school site council does, attend a meeting or send an email to Principal Rossiter.

Safety First

One of the responsibilities of School Site Council is to manage and evaluate the safety of our students, staff, and campus.  Click here to view the Comprehensive School Safety Plan. (2020 update - Comprehensive School Safety Plan will be updated after SSC approval).