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Fifth Grade


Here you will find the student edition as well as the interactive guided lessons.


Play a cool game to practice the states and their capitals. 


Find the Penguin to play the states and capitals game.


Upcoming Events:

June 10th is our yearbook signing party and 5th grade slideshow starting at 1:30 PM.  Parents can join us at 1:30 PM for the slideshow in our media center.

June 11th is our new 5th grade kickball battle with students vs. students.  We are not hosting a parent and staff kickball game this year.

June 12th is our 5th grade Promotion in our courtyard starting at 8:15 AM.

June 13th is our last day of school and parents are invited to join us in the courtyard at 1:15 PM as we cheer and celebrate our 5th grade students exiting our school for the last time.


Dear Parents,

Each year a small percentage of 5th grade students meet the criteria to be awarded the Presidential Gold Award for Academic Fitness at promotion.  The requirements are very rigorous and are aligned to standards and the grading scale and are consistent across the district.  

Carlsbad Unified School District

Presidential Academic Fitness Awards for 5th grade


GOLD – In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education Eligibility Selection Criteria

and CUSD, this award is earned by the following:


  1.  4th Grade Report Card will be included for reference on 2nd Semester scores only

  2.  4th Grade Report Card, 2nd Semester will contain only 3s and 4s and must have at least (six) 4’s of the total of (twelve) scores possible from ELA and Math (cannot include Listening & Speaking or Foundations).  No 1s or 2s in any subject area on the report card.

  3. 5th Grade Report Card for 1st semester must contain at least four - 4s in ELA and/or Math (no 1’s or 2’s in any subject area on the report card).  

  4. 4th Grade SBAC score of  Exceeds Standards in either ELA or Math and  Meets Standards  in the other are

SILVER -  In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education Eligibility Selection Criteria

and CUSD, this award is given by the following:

  1. At the discretion of the Principal based on the criteria developed at the school

- The following are examples of criteria for which the President's Award for Educational Achievement may be presented:

- Show tremendous growth but did not meet all the criteria for the President's Award for Educational Excellence.

- Demonstrate unusual commitment to learning in academics despite various obstacles.

- Maintain a school record that would have met the school's selection criteria for the President's Award for Educational Excellence but illness, personal crisis, or special needs prevented the student from maintaining such high standards despite hard work.

- Achieve high scores or show outstanding growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in particular subjects, such as English, math, science, etc.

- Demonstrate achievement in the arts such as music or theater.


We congratulate all our students for their hard work and individual progress this year.  If your child is receiving the Gold Award, you may wish to keep it a surprise.  If your child did not meet all of the criteria listed above, a conversation prior to promotion might avoid him/her being disappointed on a day when the goal is to celebrate everyone.



The 5th Grade Team