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Key Information

Key Information

All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the school office and receive a badge whenever they are on campus. Click here for a more detailed visitor policy.

Hope has a policy of not interrupting classroom instructional time. If you must deliver something to the school, please bring it to the school office.

  • Late lunches are collected in the office and distributed to students in the cafeteria during lunch hours.
  • Late homework must be dropped off in the office and will be put in the teacher's mailbox.
  • Telephone messages for students will be accepted only in the case of an emergency.



When your child is absent or tardy, please use our convenient
24 hour Attendance Hotline and leave a message.
Absences need to be verified daily. A note is required if you have
not called the Hotline.

Students arriving late must come to the office, sign in, and take a late pass to their teacher. Students arriving late, regardless of the reason, will be marked tardy. Late arrival past 30 minutes not due to a medical appointment or illness, is recorded as an unexcused tardy and can be counted toward the cumulative total that constitutes a truancy. Please report medical appointments and illness to our 24-hour Hotline at 331-5970 each time your child is absent or over 30 minutes late.


Students may report directly to their classroom beginning at 7:45 in the morning on rainy days.


We understand growing trends include cell phones for students.  Please remember to observe the proper use of cell phones for students.  Cell phones must be powered off and not visible on campus.  Students may use their cell phone outside the school's gate before or after school to text message or make phone calls.  This includes watches that have phone calling capabilities.  Students may not bring music players or portable electronic games.


Education Code only allows for two classroom parties with food for the entire year. As a result of the limitation, teachers will not be able to host birthday party celebrations with food.   Food items for whole class parties must be purchased from a store and meet mandated nutritional guidelines: Homemade treats are not allowed.

If you want to recognize your student’s birthday throughout the year, please speak with his/her teacher directly about appropriate alternatives for the classroom. Gift items for the students are only distributed at the end of the day. Teachers will not be able to accept items dropped off without prior permission.

We do not distribute balloons or flowers. Save these for off campus for your student.


In an effort to promote student responsibility, prioritize academic instruction, and eliminate possible disciplinary risks, students must have their work completed prior to the field trip in order to be eligible to participate.  In most cases, the teacher will alert the family or student if their participation in the field trip is in jeopardy.  Students may be excluded if their presence would pose a safety or disciplinary risk.


Popular trends in clothing styles and fashion are not always compatible with appropriate dress for school. Pants must fit snugly around the waist. Midriffs must be covered and skirts must be at a length to allow for tasteful freedom of movement in all activities. Shirts must have straps or sleeves; no tube tops. In addition, please make sure your child is wearing close-toe-shoes, which allow for mobility of the child and protection for the feet. Sandals, flip-flops and platform shoes should not be worn at school. Clothing should not disrupt the educational learning environment.


Kinder:  Lifelong Learner

1st: Self-Directed Individual

2nd: Ethical and Responsible Citizen

3rd: Effective Communicator and Collaborator

4th: Critical Thinker

5th: College and Career Ready Scholar


Hope teachers are on duty fifteen minutes at the end of the day to help monitor safe dismissal for students. We do not have supervision after safe dismissal.

Please continue to observe our requirement to stay in your vehicle across the front of the campus. Do not leave your car unattended next to the curb during student arrival and dismissal times. Remember to pull your vehicle forward as space becomes available while waiting at the curb - this allows for additional vehicles to enter the parking lot.

You can make use of the additional on street parking between the school and Chatham. The city has taken out the bike lane in this section. Many parents instruct their children to meet them at the car on Tamarack, Chatham, or side streets from Wilshire. Parents are encouraged to make these arrangements if the parents are already waiting when the children are dismissed. Hope does not want to see children standing on the streets unattended and/or alone waiting for late parents to arrive.

Plan to arrive early as school starts at 8 AM for grades 1-5 and early bird kindergarten students (9:55 AM for Late Owls).
Many families enjoy walking their student(s) to school, so please be safe and cautious as your drive around our safe school zone.

If you plan on driving through our parking lot to drop off your student, remember the following safety rules:
1. Drivers must stay in their vehicle as they pull along side the curb to drop off their student(s).
2. Pull all the way forward to close significant gaps as this allows more cars in from the street.
3. Do not cut into the parking lot curb lane.

4. Students should only exit a vehicle along the curbside of the vehicle.

Safety first!